All Village of Potsdam Forms

  • $10 per copy; cash, check or money order. Debit or credit cards are not accepted.
  • Use this form to apply for a building permit within the Village of Potsdam. Any construction that has to conform with NYS Building Codes is required to have a permit.
  • Fees based on project cost:
    • $0 - $5,000 = $40
    • >$5,000 = $40 plus $8 per thousand above $5,000
    • Permit Renewal fee = $25
  • Use this form to apply for a special use from the Planning Board. Usually the Code Enforcement Officer will refer you to this application.
  • $50 application fee.
  • Use this form to apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for any kind of variance such as an area or use variance, or to apply for an appeal from a formal decision made by the Code Enforcement, Planning Board, or Village Board. For additional information contact the Code Enforcement Office.
  • $50 application fee.
Site Plan Application (PDF - 117.2 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for site plan review from the Planning Board. Instructions/requirements included.
  • $50 application fee.
Subdivision Application (PDF - 443.4 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for a minor or major subdivision of your property. Combining two or more properties into one is also considered a subdivision. Please call the Code Enforcement Office for more information.
  • $40 application fee.
Sign Permit Application (PDF - 80.8 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for permanent signs within the Village of Potsdam.
  • $50 application fee.
  • Use this form to apply for a temporary banner/sign permit.
  • The Village Code allows banners in three week increments for $20; 5 3-week increments are allowed in any calendar year.
  • This form is for any property owner who wants to rent their dwelling unit(s). Instructions included.
  • Per unit inspection fee is required upon permit issuance and every three years thereafter.
  • Rental Inspection Fees:
  • A. Initial Inspection $25.00 Per Unit
    B. First Re-Inspection 
    C. 2nd Re-Inspection $75.00 Per Unit
    D. 3rd· Re-Inspection $300.00 Per Unit
    E. 4th Re-Inspection $1,500.00 Per Unit
      *One reschedule is allowed at no cost    
  • This form is used for all properties to register dwellings as rental or non-rental. Instructions included.
  • $25 registration fee for rental properties; $0 for owner-occupied single family dwelling units.
  • Property owners in Downtown Potsdam may apply for loans from this fund.  This application contains details of the fund, application requirements, and a blank form.
  • The Potdsam Microenterprise Revolving Loan Fund was created to assist microenterprises - small businesses, with five or fewer employees including the owner, with capital to start or expand a business within the Town and Village of Potsdam and areas within the Village of Norwood. Information and instructions are downloaded with the application.

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