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St. Lawrence County Planning Board Referral Fee Schedule Information - Effective January 1, 2013

At the direction of the County Board of Legislators, the County Planning Office will begin charging applicants of 239m and 239n reviews. The fee schedule is broken into two categories, residential and commercial. Institutional and industrial uses will fall into the commercial category. Local government applications (comprehensive plan reviews, town land subdivisions, etc.) are exempt.


  • Residential:
    • $25 for all area variances, subdivisions of less than 5 lots, and site plan reviews.
    • $75 for all use variances, special use permits and subdivisions of 5-9 lots.
    • $150 for subdivisions of 10 lots or more.
  • Commercial (including institutional and industrial):
    • $75 for all area variances, use variances, site plans and special use permits for projects less than 5,000 gross square feet.
    • $150 for all area variances, use variances, site plans and special use permits for porjects between 5,000 and 9,999 gross square feet.
    • $150 plus $50 per each additional 5,000 square feet for all area variances, use variances, site plans, and special use permits for project over 10,000 gross square feet. (Example: the cost of a permit for a 50,000 square foot building woul be $150 +($50 X 8) = $550.

The Code Enforcement Office will determine if the application needs to be reviewed by the County. The Village of Potsdam will arrange for the referral to St. Lawrence County Planning Board. A separate check is required, made payable to St. Lawrence County Planning Board and should be submitted along with applications to the Village of Potsdam.


See map below under Documents titled St. Lawrence County Village of Potsdam Referral Map.

  • Use this form to apply for a special use from the Planning Board. Usually the Code Enforcement Officer will refer you to this application.
  • $50 application fee.
  • Use this form to apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for any kind of variance such as an area or use variance, or to apply for an appeal from a formal decision made by the Code Enforcement, Planning Board, or Village Board. For additional information contact the Code Enforcement Office.
  • $50 application fee.
Sign Permit Application (PDF - 80.8 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for permanent signs within the Village of Potsdam.
  • $50 application fee.
Site Plan Application (PDF - 117.2 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for site plan review from the Planning Board. Instructions/requirements included.
  • $50 application fee.
  • Use this form to apply for a temporary banner/sign permit.
  • The Village Code allows banners in three week increments for $20; 5 3-week increments are allowed in any calendar year.
Subdivision Application (PDF - 443.4 KB)
  • Use this form to apply for a minor or major subdivision of your property. Combining two or more properties into one is also considered a subdivision. Please call the Code Enforcement Office for more information.
  • $40 application fee.
  • This form is for any property owner who wants to rent their dwelling unit(s). Instructions included.
  • Per unit inspection fee is required upon permit issuance and every three years thereafter.
  • Rental Inspection Fees:
  • A. Initial Inspection $25.00 Per Unit
    B. First Re-Inspection 
    C. 2nd Re-Inspection $75.00 Per Unit
    D. 3rd· Re-Inspection $300.00 Per Unit
    E. 4th Re-Inspection $1,500.00 Per Unit
      *One reschedule is allowed at no cost    
  • This form is used for all properties to register dwellings as rental or non-rental. Instructions included.
  • $25 registration fee for rental properties; $0 for owner-occupied single family dwelling units.

Projects (site plans, variances, signs, etc.) that will need a review by the St. Lawrence County Planning Board. Referral required if project is located within 500' of:


  • A county, village or town boundary
  • Existing or proposed county or state park or other recreation area
  • Existing or proposed county or state road or right of way
  • Existing or proposed right of way of any county stream or drainage channel
  • County or state owned land that contains a public facility
  • The boundary of a farm operation in an agricultural district
Full listing of all fees related to codes enforcement.
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